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Your property prices increased – but Paper Gains means nothing to you unless you take advantage of it.

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There’re few options you can consider, depending on your units, we like to share some of the options:

 Decouple , Buy a New Launch 

Sell current, buy FreeHold

Sell current, buy Landed

Sell current, buy HDB

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Or if you have other needs/ plans, we are happy to meet you for a non- obligatory discussion.


Don't wait any longer - contact us now to get more information.


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Dear Home Owners,

The Jack and Joanne Team
Jack and Joanne is a team of dedicated real estate professionals that take pride in providing you a complete solution for your real estate needs and goals. With more than 15 years of experience, transacted more than thousands of residential properties including HDB, Condo & landed, Jack and Joanne have what it takes to help you find the best buyers for your specific needs with the highest possible price for your property.


We can help to turn your home into an attractive listing with the features and benefits of the property, marketing it both online and offline, negotiate for the best price, and handle all the paperworks and timeline according to your needs for you.
While the sale is in progress, we will work with you to find your next property that matches your needs and budget.




We're happy to discuss what it will take for you to sell your home or buy a new one. WhatsApp us now!! 8383 6063  9336 6620

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