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Sell your Home Fast and Higher Price with our Proven Marketing and Negotiation Skills

Proven track record

Jack and Joanne is a team of dedicated real estate professionals that take pride in providing you a complete solution for your HDB upgrading or resize to the right HDB for you and your family. 

With proven marketing system and more than 15 years of comprehensive experience in following :

  • Pure Selling / Buying 

  • HDB to Private Property (Avoid ABSD)

  • HDB Upgrade via contra

  • HDB Upgrade via bank loan contra

  • Divorce sale

  • Sale with Probate/ Letter of Administration

Jack and Joanne have what it takes to help you find the best buyers for your specific needs with the highest possible price for your property.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise and Market Knowledge:
Help you set a competitive listing price and market your property effectively.

Marketing and Exposure:
Personal & Professional networks to promote your property to potential buyers.

Negotiation Skills:
Get the best possible price for your home and minimize any potential concessions.

Time Savings:
Free up your time to focus on other things, such as reno, packing and moving.

Paperwork and Legal Assistance:
Ensure that the process is smooth and efficient.

Peace of Mind:
You can be confident that your property is being marketed effectively and that your interests are being protected.

Guidance and Support:
Address your concerns, and help you make informed decisions.

 Call :Joanne 9336 6620 

Real Testimonials


Finding your Dream Home: Let Us Help Your Upgrade a Reality!

Upgrade from 3room to 4 room. Fully Paid plus Attractive Cash Proceeds

Buying and Selling... No More Headaches! 实现梦想,换新家!!

An Exciting moment captured when we presented a New Record Price for their unit!

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Wondering about the impact of recent cooling measures on your housing value? (2023)

Proven 8 Steps Selling Strategy

“Record-breaking selling prices achieved. We have the steps for you.”


1. Prepare your property

2. Market your property

3. Understand your property

4. Right price for your property

5. Know your property performance

6. Understand buyer's interest

7. Filter “Serious” buyers

8. Negotiate for better price

Awards and Accolades

HDB Highest Transacted Price